• What we do

    TruFin provides software and niche lending solutions to thousands of businesses across the UK via our companies Oxygen and Satago. We also have a significant interest in the mobile and console gaming company, Playstack.

    With offices in London and Birmingham, TruFin provides an umbrella structure for our companies, enabling them to focus on what they do best – providing world class products and services to their customers.

    TruFin is focused on niche markets where we can partner with dominant players to solve existing problems. By doing this we create value for our customers and partners whilst generating significant rewards for our shareholders.

  • How we do it

    We look to partner and invest in businesses where we see meaningful long-term value; these are often the same businesses where others see short term complications and headaches.

    Fortunately we believe, particularly in the B2B space, in the importance of thinking differently to others – especially those that provide short term capital.

    By working with great management teams, we help businesses move from the pre-profitability stage through to profitability and scale.

    By nurturing and de-risking our businesses at each stage, we ensure that they are as desirable as possible, to the largest pool of potential acquirers, at the point of value crystallisation for our shareholders.